Where to eat the best fish and chips in the UK

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British food has long been condemned for being unhealthy and heavy, and with little chance of success in today’s culinary trend of eating only low calorie foods that don’t do all that much to fulfill the needs of your taste buds. But despite its somewhat shabby reputation, British food is hearty and tasty, and seeing as it is still gleefully ingurgitated by millions of people worldwide, it’s safe to say that British food is here to stay. And one of the staples of British street food and take out is a deceptively simple dish that will warm your stomach and cheer you up on a foggy British afternoon – fish and chips. So don’t miss out on this delicacy, and find out where to eat the best fish and chips in the UK.

The Townhead Cafe, Biggar, Scotland

This small town 30 miles from Edinburgh serves what can be arguably called the best fish and chips in Scotland. This family owned shop that has been around for quite a while serves mainly fresh and tender Haddock caught in the waters around the Shetland isles, and although this cafe might not be in the competition for any Michelin stars, the food is heart-warming and sure to make your evening more pleasant.

Tommy’s Fish & Chips, Ballykelly, Northern Ireland

Tommy’s Fish & Chips has been a favorite haunt of hungry locals for over forty years, and if there’s anything this shop makes best, it’s the fish and chips. This friendly and inviting shop serves pollack, coley and cod in crispy batter with delicious chips and other side dishes.

Andy’s Fish Bar, Church Gresley, Derbyshire

The best way to eat fish and chips is on the go, which is why Andy’s Fish Bar is located in the perfect place for a fish and chips shop – next to a very nice park in the scenic village of Church Gresley. The shop serves the traditional cod and haddock, as well as fish for more refined palates, like coley and hake.

McDermott’s Fish & Chips, Addington, Surrey

McDermott’s Fish & Chips is where you can eat some of the best fish and chips in the UK, and definitely the best in London. This shop has a pleasant minimalist decor where you can enjoy a plate of freshly cooked fish such as cod, haddock, plaice, rock salmon and a nice selection of other great British dishes.

Hanbury’s Fish & Chips, Torquay, Devon

Hanbury’s is very big on providing its customers only fish caught in sustainable waters, and coupled with the fact that they offer a huge selection of fish and chips dishes makes this a good candidate for the title of best fish and chips shop in the UK. If you don’t want takeaway, then you can enjoy your plate in the incredibly atmospheric restaurant.

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