Where to eat the best scones in the UK

photo by Magnus D

British deserts tend to be creative and end up being exactly what you need to accompany a cup of tea on a rainy afternoon, but perhaps some of the best known sweet treats in the UK are scones. A proper cream tea can’t be had without at least a couple of freshly baked scones slathered in generous amounts of clotted cream and a dollop of jam on top. These omnipresent pastries are not difficult to find in run of the mill cafes and bakeries, but if you only want the very best, then we have a few suggestions about where to eat the best scones in the UK.

Cocomaya, Connaught Street, London

Being close to the dwellings of celebrities such as Madonna and Tony Blair, of course that Cocomaya has some standards to uphold. The instant you step foot into this artisanal bakery/chocolaterie you are enveloped by the smell of cocoa, peach tarts and fresh croissants. But the best thing to come out of Cocomaya are the scones, covered in dense and rich clotted cream and homemade berry compote.

Warren Farm, Isle of Wight

photo by Tim Wright

It might sound a bit strange to travel to the Isle of Wight just because of some scones, but these scones are really worth any number of miles. The Farm is located in a picturesque spot on the way to Alum Bay (walkers and hikers will pass by the farm on Tennyson Trail), and their cakes and scones are exclusively home made, only with local produce. The scones are served either with fresh strawberries or with delicious local jam.

The Secret Garden, Mersham le Hatch, Kent

This amazing walled garden was originally part of the impressive Mersham Hatch estate, but since the mansion and the estate were sold separately, and now the Secret Garden restaurant is located in the outbuildings. The scones baked at the Secret Garden are exquisite, and just as a scone should be, crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, served with fresh fruit and jam made in Kent.

Bettys, Harrogate, Yorkshire

photo by Theodore Scott

The spa town of Harrogate is a very pleasant destination with or without scones, but it would be a crime not to pay a visit to Bettys, a local cafe founded in 1919, which now has branches all over the region. The scones at Bettys are famously tasty, plump and filled with large sultanas, and served with Yorkshire clotted cream, overlooking the magnificent Harrogate gardens.

Fingle Bridge Inn, Drewsteignton, Devon

Devon is practically the birthplace of the cream tea, so of course there will be some very good place for scones and clotted cream around the country. But surprisingly, the best scones in Devon come not from a tea shop but from a great little pub that has been a traveler magnet for over a century. The scones served at Fingle Bridge are simple, tasty and filling, with no unnecessary frills and decorum.


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