Why is it easy to travel in the European Union

Traveling with a passport

Traveling with a passport ©Cohen.Canada/Flickr

The beautiful continent of Europe is a land of diversity from a linguistic, religious, ethnic and cultural point of view, a real paradise for any traveler. You start out from a place, travel a few hours by car or train and arrive to a completely different country where people speak another language, dress and behave differently – you got to love it!

Now most of the states of the Old Continent belong to the Schengen area, which makes it very easy to travel in the European Union. This post and the amusing little video will attempt to help you understand why.

What is the Schengen area

First of all, Schengen is a charming town in the south-eastern tip of Luxemburg that is famous for its wine making traditions. But it is also famous for being the birthplace of the idea of the Schengen area and the agreement that ratified it.

View over Schengen, Luxemburg

Schengen view ©Marcin Monco/Flickr

The Schengen Agreement consists of the abolition of the state borders of the countries within the area. At the moment most members of the European Union belong to the area, except for the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Romania and Bulgaria. The last two will probably enter the area within a few years. Also, there are three countries, Switzerland, Iceland and Norway, who are not members of the EU but who are members of the Schengen area. It is not so difficult, right? 😉

Why is it easy to travel in Europe

If you do need a visa to travel to the EU from your home country, you will only need one for the whole area. If you are not required to have a visa, it is even more simple. As the border control between the countries had been obliterated, you will experience no more waiting at borders and queues for passport stamping.

Traveling with a passport

Traveling with a passport ©Cohen.Canada/Flickr

It is much easier and more comfortable to travel within the Union whether you take a flight, go by train or get a rental (or your own) car. Before the Agreement it was harder to travel around, especially if you wanted to visit more countries.

So, travelers of the world, what do you think about the issue? Did the Schengen Agreement really make it easier to travel in the European Union? Did you travel in Europe before the area came to life? If so, please let us know about your experiences. If not, tell us why do you like traveling in Europe.


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