Your tourist guide to County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

Ulster American Folk Park

Ulster American Folk Park ©

As one of the six counties of Northern Ireland, County Tyrone is a beautiful region. There are several sights which are worth visiting. In the following article I will present you the best urban travel destinations in the region. It will serve as your tourist guide to County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. So, if you are planning a journey to this county, I suggest you to read on.

Some of the best urban destinations for tourists are the following: Omagh, Dungannon, Cookstown and Strabane. The most popular town of County Tyrone is Omagh. It is actually the county town and it is home to numerous outstanding attractions. The other three towns are also attractive for visitors. I suggest you to visit all of them.


As I already mentioned it, Omagh is the county town. The town is beautiful, being home to some magnificent visitor attractions, including St. Columba’s Church, the Strule Arts Centre, the Gortin Glens Forest Park, the Ulster American Folk Park and others. The Ulster American Folk Park is actually an open air museum situated outside of Omagh. The park is dedicated to the historical link between America and Ulster. Volunteers are dressed in period costume demonstrating occupational skills, such as cooking, printing, embroidery and others. The Strule Arts Centre is a fantastic arts venue includes a large theatre hall, a dance studio, a visual arts gallery and a café. On the ground floor can be found the Omagh tourist information office.

Ulster American Folk Park

Ulster American Folk Park ©


If you would like to visit a peaceful town, Dungannon is the place to go. Not everyone loves to visit crowded places. If the crowds bother you, this town is the best choice. It is the county’s third largest town. In 2006 the town won the “Best Kept Town Award”. As one of the highlights of the town, the former police barracks which actually don’t seem to be a barrack, is a great attraction.


Cookstown has several visitor attractions. It is a great destination to visit. Some of the best visitor attractions in the town and its surrounding area are the following: Lissan House, the Killymoon Castle (situated about 1.5 km of Cookstown), Ardboe High Cross and Abbey, the Drum Manor, Beaghmore stone circles (about 8.5 km of the town) and so on. Also, Cookstown’s famous main street is considered one of Ireland’s longest and widest streets.

Cookstown main street

Cookstown main street ©


The second biggest town of the county, Strabane is also a great destination for tourists. The surrounding area is characterized by the existence of beautiful glens and forests. The town is beautiful, being home to several amazing churches and other visitor attractions.

Sacred Heart Church Strabane

Sacred Heart Church Strabane ©



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