Your tourist guide to Derry

St Eugene's Cathedral, Derry

St Eugene’s Cathedral, Derry ©

Derry, also named Londonderry, can be found in Northern Ireland. It lies on the west bank of the Foyle River which rises the attractiveness of the city. Derry is a beautiful city owning some outstanding landmarks and visitor attractions. If you are planning a journey to Northern Ireland, I suggest you to make a visit to this fantastic city. Do you need information about the visitor attractions? This article will serve as your tourist guide to Derry.

The city attracts a large number of tourists nowadays, partly due to its visitor attractions (including the cathedrals, museums and the organized trips to the nearby Giant’s Causeway) and partly due to the pubs (especially those on the Waterloo Street) and the vibrant shopping spots.

St Columb’s Cathedral

As one of the two cathedrals of Derry, St Columb’s Cathedral is a popular visitor attraction of the city. It is dedicated to Saint Columba who introduced Christianity to the region. The original structure was destroyed during the Nine Years’ War. The actual building was completed in 1633. There are daily services and it is open to visitors from Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 17:00. (January 2013)

St Columb's Cathedral

St Columb’s Cathedral ©

St Eugene’s Cathedral

The other cathedral of the city, St Eugene’s Cathedral is more attractive than the previously mentioned one. The Roman Catholic cathedral was built between 1849 and 1873 in Gothic Revival style which is very popular among the fans of architecture. If you also love to visit fantastic Gothic structures, St Eugene’s Cathedral is the best choice. The highlights of the cathedral are its tall bell tower, the beautiful stained glass windows and its organs.

St Eugene's Cathedral, Derry

St Eugene’s Cathedral, Derry ©

Free Derry Corner

Free Derry Corner is actually a square in Derry which got its name by its inhabitants. The square with its surrounding streets was the 1969 Battle of the Bogside’s scene and of the Bloody Sunday (1972). The inhabitants celebrated at Free Derry Corner after the victory in the Battle of Bogside. The area is popular among both local people and visitors.

Trips to the Giant’s Causeway

If you are in Derry, make a reservation to a great trip to the nearby Giant’s Causeway. I guarantee you it will be one of the greatest travel experiences of your life. The fascinating World Heritage Site is Northern Ireland’s most visited sight. This natural attraction is the result of an ancient volcanic eruption which created thousand of interlocking basalt columns. The sight attracts dozens of visitors every year. There is even a visitor’s centre here which provides useful information to the tourists.

Giant's Causeway

Giant’s Causeway ©


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