Your tourist guide to Northern England

Manchester Cathedral edwin.11/Flickr

Manchester Cathedral ©edwin.11/Flickr

England is a breathtaking country and so is its northern part. It is home to numerous vibrant cities, five spectacular World Heritage Sites and four beautiful national parks. Visiting Northern England is with no doubt a great choice if you would like to have a wonderful holiday. This part of the country is considered by many a true jewel. From wild nature to huge cities, visitors can find several kinds of attractions here. Below I will present you the best tourist destinations and sights of Northern England. In case you would like to visit this astonishing region, I suggest you to read the following article first. It will serve as a tourist guide to Northern England.


Yorkshire is one of the top tourist destinations in Northern England and even in the entire country. Why? Well, this fascinating area has hundreds of varied sights. From lively cities to wonderful historic sights, from pristine beaches to natural attractions such as fantastic national parks such as the wonderful Peak District, Yorkshire is a paradise for tourists.

Some of the best places to visit here are the following: York with its stunning cultural sights (including York Minster), Leeds with its wonderful cathedral, Sheffield, Bradford, Yorkshire Dales, the Peak District, York Moors and so on. Besides the wonderful visitor attractions, the region has several things to offer its visitors such as spa treatments, visiting theme parks, playing golf or other sports and others.


The astonishing city of Liverpool is considered one of the best urban travel destinations of entire England. It is with no doubt one of the best choices if you visit Northern England. The city owns a large number of landmarks and tourist attractions, including the famous Albert Dock, the interesting World Museum, Liverpool Cathedral, Tate Liverpool, several museums, parks, art galleries and other sights.

Liverpool church Friar's Balsam/Flickr

Liverpool church ©Friar’s Balsam/Flickr

Peak District

As I already mentioned it, the astonishing national park named Peak District can be found in Yorkshire. It is a great choice for nature-lovers. The park was the first national park in the United Kingdom and today it is one of the most visited in the world.

Due to its astonishing natural heritage and virgin landscapes, it attracts millions of visitors yearly. On the grounds of the park there are some fantastic towns and cities, picturesque villages, historic monuments and buildings, museums and other points of interest. 

Peak District EEPaul/Flickr

Peak District ©EEPaul/Flickr


The popular city of Manchester is a great choice for those who love sightseeing tours. The buzzing city offers fantastic visitor attractions, including Albert Square, the Town Hall, Beetham Tower, Heaton Park, Piccadilly Gardens, numerous museums, theatres, galleries and so on.

Manchester Cathedral edwin.11/Flickr

Manchester Cathedral ©edwin.11/Flickr

East Lindsey

Another option for the lovers of nature is the area named East Lindsey. The countryside of the region and the coastal line drags numerous tourists. The Lincolnshire Wolds is among the highlights of the area, not to mention Horncastle, Louth, Spilsby or Skegness.

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